Friday, October 29, 2010

The beautiful African Xylophone

    The xylophone a Greek name, meaning "wood sound" was originally modeled after an African instrument.
It consists of a series of hardwood bars of varying lengths, each with its own distinct pitch, arranged in a similar way to a piano. Beneath each bar is a metal tube resonator or originally a calabash that helps to enrich and sustain the sound.
It is usually played with hard beaters to produce a hard, bright, penetrating sound.
    I promise won't want to hear any other sound when you hear this one :)

An image of a typical African Xylophone being played

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Mystery Stone in Larabanga

At the outskirts of Larabanga a town the Upper West region of Ghana is a legendary mystic stone which according to stories, whilst a main road was being constructed, whenever the stone was removed to make way for the construction, it always returned to its original place on several occasions.
Now that's some legend, why don't you make a trip to see for yourself and maybe try to remove it......."if you want it well done, you do it yourself"... ;)

Paga & Crocodiles

Paga is a very small town in Ghana on the Ghana/Burkina Faso border. Paga's claim to fame is its famous crocodiles.

Legend has it that long ago a hunter was trapped between a pond and a pursuing lion. He made a bargain with a crocodile he saw in the pond that he and his decendents would never eat crocodile meat if the crocodile helped him cross the pond and escape from the lion. The crocodile agreed and the hunter was safely carried across. To this day there are plenty of crocodiles in the Paga pond and crocodile meat is forbidden. At the Paga pond you can see people collecting water or doing their wash very close to crocodiles.

Anytime make it to Africa, go ahead and pose for pictures around these very harmless :D crocodiles