Friday, October 29, 2010

The beautiful African Xylophone

    The xylophone a Greek name, meaning "wood sound" was originally modeled after an African instrument.
It consists of a series of hardwood bars of varying lengths, each with its own distinct pitch, arranged in a similar way to a piano. Beneath each bar is a metal tube resonator or originally a calabash that helps to enrich and sustain the sound.
It is usually played with hard beaters to produce a hard, bright, penetrating sound.
    I promise won't want to hear any other sound when you hear this one :)

An image of a typical African Xylophone being played


  1. who is this Xylophone player?
    do you now name?

  2. No I don't know his name. He wears a smock that is a typical apparel for Northerners in Ghana.Xylophone players are common in that part of Ghana.